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Touch Screen



  • Color TFT LCD 

  •  Pixels 800x480

  • Varied dimensions 7"W/10"W

  • Built-in ethernet port

  • RTC inside  

  • 32MB/48MB user application memory  

  • Electric circuit coating design

  • Support alarm and history records                    

  • Built in RS232C/RS485        

  • Built-in 1 A USB and 1 Mini-B  USB              

  • Coincident with CE,RoHS certification 



1. New reference- single COM port GXU                                  
2. Simplying structure, Saving space                                                      
3. Simplied Designer Basic make programming be easy.

4. New installation design, improve installation efficiency 
5. No attachment to realize reliable connect USB memory
6.High anti-interference ability strengthen

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