Modicon Easy

M200 / M100 PLC


Modicon Easy M200 logic controllers are part of the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader.

When just enough is just right!

Fit for purpose products

  • Just enough I/Os: removable terminal blocks

  • Relay and transistor outputs

  • Flexible I/Os, 2 cartridges, and up to 4 expansions

  • Ethernet and serial line ports

  • Micro-SD card slot and USB port

  • PTO performance that fit your machine


  • Easy to set up and program: programming, visualization, and commissioning handled in just one intuitive software (free download ; no training required)

  • Easy to test and debug: standard USB Mini-B port, USB powerless download

  • Easy to maintain and update with its removable terminal block, micro SD memory card (fast duplication...)

  • Run/stop switch


  • Inputs protected against overvoltage

  • Transistor outputs protected against short circuit

  • DC power supply protected against reverse polarity

  • High insulation / EMC level

  • IP20 protection level


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